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How to Participate with Music and Haiku

How to Participate  with Music and Haiku

About the Project:

I'm excited to invite you to become part of Solar-Lunar Transcriptionsan ongoing interactive mixed media project that studies patterns created by solar, lunar and tidal cycles in relation to the Gregorian calendar, one of the many man-made formats to describe cycles of time.   


The rhythms are translated into visual collages and music.  "Transcription" in music relates to writing sounds as musical notes, as well as rewriting for other instruments.  For this work, I am also creating visual variations for the same patterns.


At a time when the world is so fractured, shared experiences of the moon and sun remind us that we are all profoundly connected through nature.

We all experience the moon in a unique way and I am interested in how different people would interpret the same rhythms.  For those who read music notation, I have sheet music in one gallery, and for others, the music can be created by looking at the melodic shapes and dynamics in the artwork gallery.  All instruments are welcome, whether acoustic or computer software (my music is created with Garritan instruments on Sonar x1 program).  For the Haiku project, I'm inviting everyone to submit original haiku inspired by the moon and/or sun.  All submissions should be sent to   Each participant will retain all rights to his or her own creative work.  Photos of the exhibit will be posted for anyone who could not attend. 


For Music Submissions:


Please record as MP3 files which can be attached to the email.  Your interpretation will be posted in the Music gallery with your name and over the next month you can listen to more as they are posted.  For each submission, please include in your email:

1. Your name and email address

2. Linear or Layered version

3. Complete Score, solo, or duet with choice of voices (example: Phases with Moonrise, etc.)

4. Choice of instruments for each voice (example:  Phases -- piano, etc.) -- real instruments or computer?

For Haiku Submissions:

For the haiku project, please send your original haiku inspired by the moon and/or sun which will be posted with your name n the Haiku gallery.  I will also write your haiku on small paper circles to be mounted as part of the exhibit. 


This exhibit is dedicated to the memory of my parents, Irene and Max, who inspired and encouraged me to be an artist my entire life.  And to enjoy the journey and what it reveals.

Special thanks to Ellen Kodadek, Sami Abu Shumays, Gabrielle Hamilton, Jay House, Kevin Meegan, Haihong Chen, Shawn Choi, Abha Roy, Robin Bady, Steve Palermo, Amin Sardar, Ron Samuels, and everyone at Flushing Town Hall. And to photographer Amos Chan for his extraordinary images of my work, a very special gift in my parents' memory; to Nancy Ribeck, Satoshi Kobayashi, & Carl Zapp for their incredible help to make it possible; to Joan & John Digby and The Feral Press for their inspiration and generous gift of poetry booklets and loan of John Digby's moon collages; and to my continuous muse Dan Rubin. 


Jo Brand, Katy Martin & Bill Brand; Luda & Dennis Pahl; Duoling Huang & George Xiong; Xin Song, Gwyneth Leech; April Armstrong; April Vollmer; Rebecca Riley, Tony Gonzalez & Hedy Roma; S.K. Thoth & Lila'Angelique (Tribal Baroque); Millie Balint; Lin Yan & Wei Jia; Jessica Houston & Maya Pindyck; Hongtu Zhang; Nina Kuo & Lorin Roser; Hu Bing; Hilda Shen; Linda Stillman; Cheryl McGinnis, Gene & William Faba; Jo Wood-Brown & Rob Brown, Lois Eby, Marilyn Sontag, Yuko Otomo & Steve Dalachinsky, Patricia, William  & Miriam Parker (Arts for Art);  Sara, David, & Cate Evans; Lisa Palmero; Susan Lauren & Stacy Musi; Alicia Mugetti & Enrique Rodriguez; Ed & Amy Seeman; Marian Ross; Douglas R. Hofstadter; David Kung; Fred Adell, Babette Albin, Celeste Balducci, Dore Poris; Wendy Moscow, and Frank; Michael Boyd; Jeanne Bresciani;  Amy and Drew Burchenal; Max Chan; Anne Closuit; Caryn Cooper & Hyoseon Kim; Lucy Davidson & Annette Rubino; Neil deGrasse Tyson; DiPie; Dominic & Kendra; Lou Gimenez at The Music Lab NY; Eva Haughie; Kenny Kosek; Candy Kugel and Buzzco; Iga Mrozek; QJOG -- Queens Jazz Overground; Timothy Bellavia, Hsing-Lih Chou, Adam Crescenzi, Alberto Lopez, Abha Roy, Angela Rostick & Mel Hunter, Aurelia Fernandez; Stephanie Lee, Pablo Mayor, Napoleon, Ling Tang, Suzanne Demarco, Skip LaPlante, Pepe Santana, Song Hee Lee, & all the teaching artists at FTH; June Jasen; Scarlet Ryane & Rachel Evans; Elizabeth Sadoff; Richard Steifel; Elizabeth Sadoff, Bob  Beswick, & Larry Webb; Larry Stern; Patrick Symes; Frank Matthews; Tracie Townsend; David Witten; Susan Brustmann, The Poppenhusen Institute; Betty Smith and Mary Gross; Ania & Yvette; and Elliot Bassman & Laura Schiavina (in spirit); all of whose work, passion and spirit have inspired me to think about poetry, art, music, dance, and the universe in new ways.  


And to: Amy, Brian, David, Carly & Peter; Annette; Barbara, Leila & Mina; Carolyn; Chantal; Cherie, Clare, Alessandra & Karen; Donna, & Pam; Chris; Cousin Amy, Michael, Steven, Nancy & Sharon; Eddie & Carmen; Elise; Ellen; Ellie & Danny; my Elliot  family...Lynne, Esti, Evie, Ricky, & James; Fran, Jennifer & Max; Helene;  Frank, Rose & Kim; Huong; Irene & Chris; Joanne, Joe, Jason, Jennifer, & Edie; Josh & Ivy; Judy & Ariana; Lana; Lucille, Andrea & Nick; Malia; Marie; Marilyn; Mary; Matthew; Natasha & Ivette; Neha & Gunjan; Nina; Pat, Melissa, Ivy & Violet; Rosetta & Gus; Sami, Sonia, Juju, Anthony, Jill, Katha & Don, Mary, Mausam, Chimay, & Myra; Mimi; Pat and Adele; Stephanie; Stevie; Sunita, Gabe & all; Susan, Moidy, Courtney & Stacy; the other Tina; Tom; Violetta; and to all of my other extraordinary friends for their continuous encouragement and support of me and this project (if I left anyone out, please know it is only in error).  To our phenomenal Dr. Gould & Anna; Dr. Dyzenhaus & Carolyn; Dr. Chen; Dawn; Frank, Dolly, Patti, Sonja, & everyone at Frank's Pharmacy; Mordo & Rosalba and everyone from Home Helpers; and to the compassionate hospice staff at VNSNY including  Joel, Andrew, Luis, Nurcia, Sheila, Deborah; Melanie, Alison, Janice, Jasminda, Mirella, Natasha, and Jean; the extraordinary Elmhurst Hospital staff, including Ednah; and Regal Heights including Donnie, Ronnie, Stephanie; Rabbi Schienberg, Cantor Josee Wolff, Rabbi Kara Tov, and everyone who helped me care for my parents.

Project with Viewer Participation

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