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How to Participate  with Music

Instructions for Music Submissions:

The full score, followed by duets and solo parts below can be approached in various ways in any combination:

Recording each year consecutively -- 2009, then 2010, 2011, 2012

Recording the years layered to create chords.

Recording the full score, or duets, or solos. 

Tempo is open to interpretation.  There is no time signature because the phrases are not based on a particular meter.

The variations for me were curiosity to see how the patterns

look visually as well as sound.

September Suite:  2009-2012

Full Score (tempo open

to interpretation)




Moon Phases

Phrases/measures are constructed by

day of the week, Sunday to Saturday. 

Moonrise times

Night, Afternoon, Morning

(based on sunrise/sunset times) 

Moonrise Tide times

Hudson River, NY

Project with Viewer Participation

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